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Friday Night Special Class:
Join us for the last Friday of the month for a special Friday Night Class to jumpstart your weekend.

We know stepping into a gym can be confusing.  A lot of new words are used and sometimes the lingo might make you feel like you don't belong.  We never want our members to feel lost or intimidated.  As you are looking for the best exercise program to fit your personality, here is an explanation of different types of exercises.  Make sure to  explore them in detail in the navigation bar to your left.

Body Motion:
It's our award winning fitness program for new members!  Workout with a fitness coach on tradtional weight machines upstairs on the fitness floor.

Group Exercise:
provides an opportunity to participate in a group setting that makes your workout fun and energizing using music, different types of movements and a variety of equipment. Members form friendships which adds to the fun of participating in a group environment.  We offer a variety of classes which are unique and distinctive.  We strive to teach the group while focusing on the needs of the individual.

Group Training:
happens in smaller groups, that form a team to accomplish the same goal.  This atmosphere allows the trainer to focus more on specific goals and to design workouts that achieve results.  These classes happen all over the club on the main fitness floor, in the studios or outside.

Personal Training:
provides complete customization for you! It's one on one with a member and personal trainer.  There truly is no better way to get in shape.