CG Fit60+

Everyone ages differently. Often, seniors each have their own unique individual
needs. Our “senior” programming incorporates all of the necessary components
for those who want to continue staying healthy while aging.

Senior Membership Rates Available 60
and over Health Insurance Coverage Available

People's Health
Silver & Fit
Silver Sneakers Program Accepted, provided by Healthways & Humana Ins.

These programs are for the highly mobile individual actively engaged in life but may want modifications such as low to zero impact while still having options for intensity.

• Programs include: LiveFIt Total Wellness, Flexercise, Yoga, CG | Circuit, Body Pump, Pickleball, Tennis, Racquetball

• Personal Training can help you work through any nagging pains or injuries so you can participate in some of your favorite pastimes such as golf or playing with grandchildren!

These programs are for the senior who is ready to slow down slightly with adaptive exercises that are easier on the body and provide options that more closely monitor heart rate and balance while still helping to maintain cardiovascular health, strength and mobility.

• Programs Include: Silver Sneakers, Seated Chair Classes, Water Aerobics, Gentle Yoga with chair option and Line Dancing

• Physical Therapy is available and all locations and offers each member free consultation to help with any issues that may impede your workout or daily activities.

Let Cross Gates be your place! It’s where you come to have fun, meet people and
stay involved. It’s a connection to a community where you belong.

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