Swim Team

Swim with us this Summer!

We are a member of, and are regulated by, the St. Tammany Parish Swim League (STSL). "The STSL is a nonprofit organization, formed for the expressed purpose of furthering the sport of competitive swimming within St. Tammany Parish. The main goals of the STSL are twofold: to provide young athletes with opportunities to excel in the sport of swimming, and (2) to promote “fun” and good sportsmanship through family interaction and friendly competition.”--STSL ByLaws.This recreational league consists of 7 teams split into 2 divisions. “Dual meet divisions are determined by the final standing of the league championship meet.” --STSL ByLaws.

Swimmers are expected to be able to swim the entire length of the pool and to be familiar with at least backstroke and freestyle. Ideally, swimmers are here for stroke refinement, not to learn them. Contact the Front Desk team at our Military location: 985-643-3500