Massage & Spa Services


Relax Massage

From this traditional swedish massage, you can expect gentle
manipulation of the muscles with the use of massage oils. Used
to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve
flexibility and create relaxation. This is the best experience to
alleviate stress and relax.

30 Min. $50 / 60 Min. $80 / 90 Min. $110


Rejuvenate Massage

This deep tissue session will help relieve muscle tension and
soreness. If you’re tired and want to feel better, this is the service
you need. Due to its customized nature, for 30 and 60 min.
sessions expect targeted areas of work; the 90 minute session is
recommended for full body.

30 Min. $65 / 60 Min. $95 / 90 Min. $135


Restore Massage

Improve your performance with a restorative full body massage
encompassing warm himalayan salt stones with light to moderate
pressure gliding over your skin warming muscle tissue, effectively
dissolving tension, improving circulation & inducing deep
rejuvenating rest.

60 Min. $85 / 90 Min. $130 / 120 Min. $165




Duet Suite Couple’s Massage

Customize your experience by picking the massage that works the
best for each of you and schedule to enjoy together in our exclusive
duet suite. Celebrate a special occasion, reconnect by spending
time together or make it a surprise for the one you love.

Request pricing for your specific service.


Expectant Mother Massage

Designed to give relief to the special needs of the expectant mother
to be. Feel comforted and safe as our experienced, nurturing
therapists take care of you and your little one.

30 Mins $50 / 60 Min $75


Sports Specific Massage

Improve your performance with this invigorating and active service
that focuses on stretching and lengthening specific muscle groups.

30 Min. $50 / 60 Min. $75 / Floor & Mat Stretching $1.25 per min.

Discounted Spa Series Available
For Multiple Services

VIP Relax & Retail Experience Available.

Facials & Peels


Is a gentle resurfacing peel that is great for all skin types and has zero downtime. Each HydraFacial service also includes head, neck and shoulder massage for a completely relaxing experience.

Hydrafacial Standard

Includes a glycolic and salicylic peel, painless extractions and antioxidant
infusion in an express service.
45 mins / $160

Hydrafacial Deluxe

Includes all of the steps of the Standard plus a booster for targeting specific
skin concerns such as dark spots and fine lines. LED light therapy is used
to kill acne causing bacteria for anti aging benefits.
60 mins / $225

Hydrafacial Elite

Includes all of the steps from the Deluxe HydraFacial and has lymphatic
drainage to help detoxify the skin and reduce puffiness for maximum results.
90 Mins / $275


Customized Facials

Pick your service and then customize with your esthetician
Enrich Firming and Moisturizing

60 Min $100 / 90 Min $135

Emerge Brightening and Clear

60 Min $110 / 90 Min $145

Experience Organic Facial

30 Min $50 / 60 Min $75

Gentleman’s Facial

Enjoy this indulging facial customized
to men’s skincare needs.

30 Min $50 / 60 Min $75

Customized Peels

Consult with your licensed esthetician to pick from our 5
facial peel options to improve pigmentation, aging, firming,
brighting, oxygenating and more.

Starting at $110


Choose from a traditional polish that hardens as you wear
and lasts for 7 days, or a shellac gel polish that is reinforced
under an LED lamp and prevents chipping for up to 2 weeks!

Traditional $20 / Gel $30

Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping

Receive a customized look from your brow professional! Start
with shaping that includes mapping, waxing and tweezing
to achieve the perfect look. Upgrade your service to add a
custom blend of semi-permanent tint to add depth, increase
dimension and definition.

Shaping $15 / Tinting $25 / Both $35

Eyelash Extensions

Start with a consultation from your lash professional that
will help you decide your custom look to fill in your lashes
with length, volume or a combination of both. Keep them
looking their best with simple refills.

Classic $125 / Refill $60
Hybrid $165 / Refill $70
Volume $185 / Refill $75


Maintain beautiful, smooth skin from head to toe.

We offer full bodied waxings starting at $15.

Airbrush Tanning

Get the most realistic, customized sunless tan. Lasts 10-14
days. Fast and easy–10 to 20 min for a full body session.

1 Service $40 / 3 Services $110 / 5 Services $175

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