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The group dynamic gives kids an environment where they can excel by watching and copying others; it also provides a small break between students who are working with the instructor. You should determine your child’s group by a combination of age and ability.

Water Babies: Water introduction and assisted play

Recommended ages: 6 months - 2 yrs
This swim class is for parents and infants in a group. It will focus on water adjustment to safe skills and practices. The class will equip parents with information on proper holds and safe submersions to help them become confident handling their infants in the water and help the infants adapt to the water. One adult must accompany each child in the water.

Bubbles: Water discovery and exploration

Recommended ages: 3 - 5 yrs old | 3:1 Ratio
No swim experience, focus is to remove the child’s fear of water. Based on the child's progress, breath techniques, floating, kicking and arm strokes maybe be introduced. Children should learn to take an independent breath, not feel intimidated in the water and capable of returning to the side of the pool before progressing.

Splash: Water acclimation and movement

Recommended ages: 6 & Older | 5:1 Ratio
Comfortable in the pool, some swim experience and can move through water several feet to return to the side of the pool safely. Begin to focus on independent safety, submerging in the water with independent breath, strokes above and under the water, along with introducing seated dives to your swimmer, progressing to independent jumping.


Weekly Indoors at Gause T, W, Th:  5:15-5:45,  6-6:30pm
Weekly Outdoors at Military Rd.  (start in May)
Must Pre-register to save your spot.

Indoors at Gause T, W, Th:  4:30-5pm
Weekly Sessions:  April 16 -18th & April 23rd - 25th

Three (3) 30 minute lessons held during one week session
Members...............$85 per session
Non-Members......$110 per session

No make up sessions outside of session, coaches can try their best to fit you in one of their existing classes as a makeup if that is possible but space is limited. Most children require at least (6) lessons--especially beginners, it is recommended that parents sign up in 2 consecutive weeks for consistency so children retain their knowledge and for parents’ convenience to reserve your time slot.



The ultimate and most effective swim lesson experience provides one-one-one individualized instruction based on your child’s individual needs. Lessons can be customized to find the needs of your unique dynamic and provide extreme focus on your specific goals. It is most useful for lessons to be completed within a two week time frame so your child retains the material through repetition.

Available for all ages.
Five (5) 30 minute sessions working 1-on-1 with your instructor.
Semi-private lessons are also available. (2 swimmers max)
Private .................$225 / $275
Semi-Private .......$200 / $250 per child

To Get Started: Register with the club and your
instructor will call you to schedule individually.

Swim Lesson Cancellation Policy: Make ups for rain, weather, pool schedule alterations, etc. are held on Saturdays or Sunday between 8am -1pm. If your swim lesson has to be cancelled your coach will inform you of the class cancellation and let you know the make-up day you are rescheduled for. Kids ages 9 and older, or children who are not progressing in a group environment should consider private lessons for an individual progress plan that can allow your experience to be customized to meet your specific goal.

All of Cross Gates’ Swim Instructors are CPR and Water Safety trained swim professionals who have experience in the water either through lifeguarding or swim teams and have been trained on the CG Swim Lesson curriculum based off of American Red Cross guidelines and benchmarks. They each love working with children and are passionate about helping them learn a vital life skill in a safe, fun environment that is memorable for the entire family.