Adult Tennis

Contact our Tennis Professionals with any questions for further information:

985.685.1461 or [email protected]

Cardio Tennis

A fun and exciting way to get a tremendous workout while hitting tennis balls. These classes are not designed to work on technique but to work on your cardio fitness while enjoying the game of tennis. We have cardio tennis for different levels throughout the week. Join any of our classes. Fees per class are listed on the Clinics/Drills schedule.

Team Drills

A great opportunity for you and your league team to be on the same page in your efforts to compete at tennis.  Team workouts are designed to work the strategies of the game and instructor each player on different options for competition.  1-Hour $15

Private & Semi Private Lessons

These lessons are designed for a player that wants to focus on a problem area or develop their technique.  Available In 1 Hour and 1/2 Sessions.

Open Group Clinics

These groups (3 or more) are open to all levels with no sign-up necessary. It's fun competition with live ball feeds which encourages practice through repetition. We can also simulate point situations to work on areas of your game. 1 1/2 Hours $20