Beginner's Information

Have you been considering Group Exercise?

We know some new members get nervous thinking about going to their first class. But we make it EASY! Take a deep breath and walk in the room. Just show up! The instructor will help you with everything else.

Group Exercise is the best place for a new exerciser to get started!
No matter your fitness level or experience, our team of instructors are ready to coach you through an incredible class.

Here is a list of classes we recommend you start with:

The Zumba Fitness class is all about moving and having fun, even if you have never danced a day in your life!
Come experience the energy and discover how much fun your workouts really can be!

Why it's a good place to start...

All you have to do is sit on a bike! No getting lost in the shuffle. No uncomfortable movements.
Go as slow or as fast as you want, you're not keeping up with anyone else.

All Classes Are Beginner's Class

The instructor will fit you on the bike and talk you through the entire class so that you leave
feeling energized and comfortable with the Spinning concept.

BODYPUMP is hailed as The Fastest Way In The Universe To Get In Shape. BODYPUMP is a strength and endurance training class where muscle and music collide! Low on complexity but high in fun, BODYPUMP has all of the benefits of traditional weight training combined with time efficiency and predictability. EVERY BODY is successful in BODYPUMP. Suitable for just about “EVERY BODY”.

Beginner's Class

Military Road Location / Sundays/ 10am
Every class really is a beginner's class. There is a technique class where the instructor is available to go over the exercises. It's a great experience because there are only a few people there. You will get personal attention. Don't miss this opportunity.

Why it's a good place to start...

The moves in this class are traditional exercises--bicep curls, chest press, squats, lunges. Participants are not asked to move across the floor and you won't get lost in the flow. All you have to do is stand in place. You control the amount of weight you lift and you can stop at any point without getting behind.