Cross Gates Live Fit

Accountability | Training | Nutrition

Cross Gates' Signature Total Wellness Program can get you the results you want!  At Live Fit, you can create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that is realistic for you.   We will help you find the workout that fits you at your fitness level, teach you the proper ways to fuel the body with nutritional guidance and help keep you
active, mobile and injury free.

L O O K   M O V E   F E E L   B E T T E R


Semi Private Training Sessions

• Personalized workouts with a Fitness Coach
• Assigned Fitness Coach to hold you accountable
• Fun workouts that will progress weekly based on your ability level
• Functional movement screen to make sure your workout is
safe and effective for your body
• Progress tracking to make sure your are improving

1 On 1 Accountability Coaching

• Consistency breeds excellence and your Fitness and Nutrition.
Coaches will help motivate you to stay consistent to reach
your goals with daily/weekly/monthly contact points.

Nutritional Guidance

Assigned Nutrition Coach to hold you accountable every week.
• Personalized nutrition plan that meets you where you are at.
• Monthly 1 on 1 Coaching.
• Progress tracking to make sure you are improving.
• Access to our private FB page for nutritional information and
healthy recipes.

Get Started

Schedule Your Free Fitness Consultation:
• Complete Your Functional Movement Screening.
• Complete Body Analysis to determine your baseline.
• Pick Your Program: 2 or 3 days per week w/ personal trainer,
plus other scheduled workouts.
• Start Your Workouts Safely & Effectively.
• Incorporate Your Nutritional Guidance.
• Stay accountable with your coaches.