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Yoga Basics – Try this easy to follow yoga class great for all fitness levels. Perfect place to learn basic movements of yoga to be able to move onto higher level classes.

Yoga – A one hour class of traditional yoga practices. This is our entry-level yoga class. Relax, stretch, and get stronger.

Yoga Flow – All Levels - emphasizes a medium-paced yoga experience that gracefully balances active, energetic postures with restorative, receptive postures connected on the breath. Recommended for those who seek a mind/body/spirit workout that is invigorating, but not rigorous!

Yoga Experience – The name says it all! Yoga with power! Forty-five minutes of one of the fastest growing classes in the industry. Try our “Yoga” format before this one.

Pilates – A thirty-minute class to strengthen, tone, and condition the core muscles.

Tai Chi – Derived from martial arts, Tai Chi is a slow moving, gentle exercise regimen that is a part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been practiced for centuries. It is believed that the performance of Tai Chi enhances the balance of mind, body and spirit. There is ample evidence that the connection between mind and body can be used to relieve stress, combat disease and enhance physical and mental well-being. Tai Chi is truely for anyone - come give it a try!