Fitness Consultation

Cross Gates NEW Upgraded
Fitness Consultation gives you the attention you need to get results!

It all gets started with a fitness consultation from your
FREE Personal Trainer that includes
Functional Movement Screening, Fit3D Body Scanning
and creating your own Customized Workout.

We make sure you get involved in the club by helping you find the program that works the best for you. As your Personal Trainer, our promise is to make sure you reach your goals - with a customized workout plan! We even check in with you every few weeks to see how we can help. There is an entire team of trainers, instructors and coaches - all fitness professionals ready to keep you motivated. Cross Gates is the only health club that provides you with customized fitness - that brings you service.
You're never on your own.



Measures 7 fundamental movements key to daily life and shows us how your body moves to determine risk of injury.
Helps determine customize exercise selections based on your movements so you can achieve higher levels of fitness, performance and results.


Body Composition Reporting
Lean Body Mass, Body Fat, Posture
Online Tracking For Weight Loss


Develop your strategy with a Fitness consultant
Learn about different programs that fit your needs
Ask questions to help you continue to get settled into the club

Fitness Consultation

and Your Personal Trainers

Get started with your Fitness Consultation - your FREE personal trainer will show you all
the different services in the club and help you design your customized workout.