Body Motion

Award Winning Fitness Program Free!

Body Motion is the runner-up for Best Fitness Program in America by Fitness Management Magazine. Unlike other clubs where you might see someone once or twice, a fitness coach is at Cross Gates at the most convenient times of the day. No appointment necessary! A new member will receive 18 FREE visits in Body Motion where a coach teaches you how to gain strength through weight training and lose weight with your cardio routine. Body Motion gives you the support & convenience you need to achieve results

2008 Nova 7 Award Winner:

Best Member Fitness Program for Body Motion

Coached Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 5am - 12:30pm & 4pm - 8pm
Friday: 5am - Noon
Saturday: 8am - Noon

The Circuit Is Open All Other Hours For Body Motion Members To Use On Their Own.

Here's How It Works...

Body Motion is Cross Gates' most innovative program that is designed to give members a full body workout in minimal time. The Fitness Coach on-site helps guide you through the program. The Fitness Coach will check that you are using proper form and technique which will help isolate the specific muscle area that is being worked. They will also encourage you to push yourself beyond personal barriers in order to reach your goals. We suggest that you participate in the Body Motion program a maximum of three times a week. We also recommend that you perform a 5-10 minute warm-up beforehand, which can be performed on any piece of cardio equipment that you like.

Fitness Coaches are available in Body Motion, Monday through Friday from 5am to Noon and 4pm to 8pm and Saturdays 8am to Noon. During the hours that a Fitness Coach is not staffed, Body Motion members are still allowed to use the circuit on their own.

Every member will have a card on file. During your first session, the Fitness Coach will determine the proper equipment settings and weight for you and will document them on your card. You will complete two sets of 10-12 repetitions on each machine with a very short rest between sets. The Fitness Coaches will maintain and update your card as you go through the Body Motion program.

There are three levels to the Body Motion program and each level is distinguished by a different colored card. Level one, is represented by a White card and will take you through sessions 1-6. We recommend you attend our free Cardio Orientation while on this card. On your white card, you will begin your six sessions with seven different machines which comprise the core of the program. Level two moves you to a Green card and will take you through sessions 7-12. Two additional machines will be added to your exercise program for a total of nine . Upon completing your green card, you will meet for a free consultation with a Personal Trainer who will discuss your goals to help your determine if, after the Body Motion program , you would like to continue on with the maintenance program or retain the services of a Personal Trainer for specific programs available. Level three places you on a Blue card which completes sessions 13-18. Two additional machines are added to complete your full circuit workout. How long it takes you to complete the program is determined by how often you participate in Body Motion.

If you have any questions come by the Fitness Desk and speak to a Fitness Coach. They will go over the program with you and show you how beneficial the Body Motion program is and get you started on becoming a lifelong fitness enthusiast!