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●Click on the Reservation Link to get started booking a tennis court, racquetball court, a massage, a spa service or tanning bed.
●Choose your club:  Military Rd or “change” to Pontchartrain Drive or "change" to Gause Blvd.
●Select the date:  Today, Tomorrow or different date  (Tennis can only be reserved 48 hrs in advanced)
●Select the Time Of Day
●Select the tab for your reservation:  Racquetball, Spa/Massage, Tanning Tennis
Choose the service you would like.
(Even if there is only one choice “Racquetball” or “Tennis,” highlight that option)
●Choose Court / Room:  For the best options leave everything highlighted and the system will show you all of your options.  If you want a specific court, you can highlight that option, but it will only show you the times for that option.  It does not mean that we do not have anything available for you at the time; it only means that that one specific spot is not available.
●Click Find Availability
●Select the time and court you would like, click “Book Now”
●You will receive a Confirmation Screen
●To check reservations associated with your account:
Press the home screen in the left hand corner
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Open “Current Reservations” by pressing the + Sign

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