CrossGates Family Fitness
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Group Fitness Team
from Left to Right:
Back Row: Javier, Elliott, Becca, Barbara, Dan, Linda, Susan, Hayley, Victoria, Jessi Kiara, Tom, and Rubi
Third Row: Angel, Patrice, Lodie, Pam, Hazel, Danielle, Theresa, and Michelle
Second Row: Debbie, Cathy, Penny, Suzy, Kitty, Kelly, Nancy, Nicole, Danielle, Arrian, Brandi, and Alina
Front Row: Nina, Trinny, Brittany, Brandy, Alycia, and Stephanie

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Stephanie Howell 
Group Fitness Director



Zumba Team

from Left to Right:
Back Row: Nina, Javier, Alycia, Arrian
Front Row: Brittany and Trinny

Yoga Team

from Left to Right:
Nicole, Susan, Lodie, Penny, Debbie, and Cathy

Freestyle Instructors
Step and Aqua

from Left to Right:
Back Row: Pam and Becca
Middle Row: Nancy, Rubi, and Theresa
Front Row: Brandy and Angel

Les Mills Team
Body Pump, CX WORX, Body Attack, and Body Combat
from Left to Right:
Back Row: Becca, Danielle, Hazel, Lodie, Suzy, Alina, Kiara, Linda, Angel, Michelle, and Tom
Front Row: Victoria, Barbara, Patrice, Susan, Brandi, Nicole, Kelly, Nancy, Danielle, Theresa, Pam, Hayley, Elliott, and Stephanie

Spinning Team

from Left to Right:
Stephanie, Michelle, Barbara, Susan, Lodie, Dan,
Suzy, Nancy, Jessi, and Angel