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Henry, 34 -


LOST 100 Lbs!

“I lost over 100 lbs. thanks to Cross Gates Family Fitness! I received the tools and motivation I needed to achieve my goal of a healthier me. Cross Gates has a first-class facility, a welcoming environment and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.”
Heather, 35 -


Lost 40lbs and went down 3 dress sizes!

"I attribute my new level of fitness to the awesome staff at Cross Gates!  Working with such motivated and inspirational people has given me the jump start I needed to succeed in changing my outlook on fitness.  It's now fun!"
Clara Lee, 51 -


Lost 29 lbs!

“My youngest child was getting ready to graduate and it was just time to get back in shape. The fitness staff was supportive and motivated me the entire time. The weight and inches came off easily and quickly. I feel great about my results and wish that I hadn’t waited so long to get started.”
Sharon, 52 -


Lost 15 lbs! And went from dress size 12 to 6!
“Cross Gates offers such a variety of activities, I never get bored because new classes and forms of exercise are always being offered. I was able to make friends and have a fun time working out. The staff is always willing to assist me!”
Paula, 45 -


Lost 15 lbs and kept if off for 2 years!

“With classes like Body Pump, Zumba and Body Combat, I lost 15 lbs and kept it off for 2 years. I now have more engery and like setting a good example for my child.”